Uneven Development of Countries Because News & Information Disparity is a Controversial Thought >>> A Serious Need for Democratization in News Coverage & News Dispersion (Instead of Corporate News)?

News and information are critical for business and economic development. But Western media dominate the planet with lots of Western news. Therefore, is there a need for “Democracy” meaning, apart from equal access & exposure to news, also equal exposure to news? I was on some vacation and saw some tourism & vacation news, that... Continue Reading →


News Bubbles (People Living in Certain World of Closed News Universe) is Real >>> Not Just from Authoritarian Deliberate Censorship of News, But Also with West Media Lack of Interest in Some News

News bubbles (Meaning people living in a certain world of closed news universe) is real and it is not just from deliberate censorship of news, such as in China, but also comes from “lack of interest” because of this and that, on news, by the free world media. A few years back, a Global level... Continue Reading →

Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) Speaker Has an Interesting Point >>> End Information Despotism (Single Entity, Being West’s Media, Rules) Worldwide

Despotism (Greek: Δεσποτισμός, Despotismós) is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. Normally, that entity is an individual, the despot, as in an autocracy, but societies which limit respect and power to specific groups have also been called despotic.[1] Colloquially, the word despot applies pejoratively to those who abuse their power and authority to oppress their populace,... Continue Reading →

Top UK Academic, Long Track Record UK Leaders Doing What He Suggested, Just Bough Home What Many Said About Climate Change >>> It’s Too Late, ‘We’re Doomed’

Paris Climate Meet Revisited: To those want maximum remedy, the meet is just hot air from Global Leaders. Now a UK academic, Myer Hillman says: It’s too late to stop climate change, ‘we’re doomed’ Hillman tells Guardian (source) that only a total cut in global carbon emission can save humanity -- and that isn't going... Continue Reading →

Once Numbers of Indigenous People Dominated Planet, But they Were Slaughtered & Massacred >>> Regrettably, Humanity Learned Little from Their Genocide, as Slaughters & Massacres Continue

Once the numbers of Indigenous people dominated the planet, today, out of about 6.5 billion people, there are about 300 million left. This is perhaps the greatest lesson to humanity about “Genocide” but have human learned much from that Genocide? Regrettably, the answer is no, if one looks at how Indigenous people still are struggling... Continue Reading →

What are the Facts, Truth & Reality About the Media? >>> Bottom-Line is Consumer Beware & Take Responsibility for The Purchase

You know, I am a lifelong journalist/editor/writer/blogger with a consultancy on information modeling (info research, evaluate info & info design) & I am not bragging, just telling you I really know journalism & I bought this up, because on my Twitter, lots are talking about a Linguist professional, giving advice to journalist/reporter how to cover... Continue Reading →

Are Ivory Tower Traditionally Liberal or Conservative? >>> History of Black Activism & the Civil Rights Movement at Ivy League Universities

Higher Ed reports (source): Ivy League universities today boast about having diverse student bodies. But for much of their histories, these institutions were almost entirely white. As the colleges started to recruit and enroll black students in the 1960s, many leaders of the institutions were stunned to find that the students were not remotely happy... Continue Reading →

The Writer Gets Death Threats for Arab Eroticism >>> Some Corners of Planet has Really Not Caught Up with Modern Development & Lost Somewhere in the Ancient World

I am kind of shocked really, that in these days and age, with cyber porn accessible globally, a writer of eroticism, still gets death threat. But at the same time, I am not that surprised, some corners of the planet, has really not catch up with development, lost somewhere in the ancient world. Eroticism (from... Continue Reading →

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