The CIA & Apocalypse Now Story Does Not Sell These Days

Out of Touch with the Times: I went to Patpong Museum (Patpong is a globally famous, sex tourism area, full of bars with prostitutes pole dancing) because I had some free time to kill, & after seeing it learned about Tony Poe (a CIA agent, who often referenced as the model for Colonel Kurtz (acted... Continue Reading →

The lost Art & Sceience of Cross Cultural Friendship

Cross Cultural Friendship: In picture looks like a French woman & an Asian woman, having coffee together, on a sidewalk cafe in Paris & I was curious; so I checked google & found nothing on cross cultural friendship, & this tells me, of a big problem, because with globalization, Cross Cultural aspects, like friendship, is... Continue Reading →

The Price of Being Egotistic

Years ago, I got an E-mail from USA Library of Congress, said one of my blogs being archived, & I no idea what that meant, so asked a friend, he said it great honor, few independent unpublished writers ever reach that, I should tell friends, but back then I just wrote, cared little else; told... Continue Reading →

Both Are for Me & About Me

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (writes about poor people suffering, with a dark edgy, deep human psychological aspects, relating to changes in society from outside & people are their own demise) & Leo Tolstoy (writes about the aristocrats & their suffering from confinements to societal rules that must be followed, so relates people seeking freedom from family &... Continue Reading →

“Beauty will Save the World” – Dostoevsky

“Beauty will save the world” - Dostoevsky (Numerous literary critics rate him as one of the greatest novelists in all of world literature, as many of his works are considered highly influential masterpieces) From Obvious State: Out of context, it's easy to dismiss this quotation as hopelessly naive or optimistic. But it’s complicated. For Dostoevsky,... Continue Reading →

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